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15 BTC BOUNTY - for people who have powerful GPUs/GPU rigs

15 BTC BOUNTY - for people who have powerful GPUs/GPU rigs

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I have old Bitcoin Core wallet files that I don't remember the password of at all, all I remember is that they were generated on a password generation program in 2013, (but the wallets were from 2010) and that it was most likely without special character but including uppercase, lowercase and numbers So the password might be crackable.

The way you have to do crack this is by using the extract scripts here which will be enough to get the wallet.dat password, BUT not enough to steal the BTC in the wallets. It just contains the master PUBLIC key and some other info.

I have a total of 16 wallets all with the password generated on the program, totaling to about 100 BTC. So you'll get 15% of each wallet you crack. See it as the hunger games as I'll let anyone with good rigs work on it!

But I'd like to start with one first. If you can do this, message me about your GPU rig setup. Don't bother messaging if you have a poor computer/GPU, it will take years! Or if you have a new/throwaway account...

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