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200,000 subscribers milestone reached! Let's celebrate!

200,000 subscribers milestone reached! Let's celebrate!

Ripple Reddit

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It felt like taking forever, but finally the Ripple sub has reached 200,000 subscribers! ????

Some more stats of the sub:

We reached

  • 1k subscribers in August 2014
  • 5k subscribers in May 2017
  • 50k subscribers in December 2017
  • 100k subscribers in December 2017
  • 200k subscribers in April 2019

On average

  • 70 comments per day
  • 7 posts per day
  • 0.000015 comments per subscriber
  • 0.000001 posts per subscriber


  • 256,009 votes
  • 69,299 post comments

Taken from:

Thanks to everyone contributing to this sub. For me this sub is the most comprehensive way of staying up to date on what's happening around Ripple and XRP.

Let's keep it up and see you at 500k subs when the next bull run kicks in! ????

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