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$406 Donation - - - > Thank You r/CryptoCurrency - - - > Spreading the Love

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by COINS NEWS 22 Views

I originally posted this yesterday afternoon, but it was almost instantly downvoted to death by bots. Hopefully this time around it'll reach the right audience.

"Seeing all the great posts on how moons are positively effecting communities around the world, last night I decided to join the fun.

I live in Canada and by no means rich or well-off. I just started working full time post-graduation a couple years ago.

I do understand though, that A LOT of people around the world have it much harder than me. Even daily survival neccesaties like clean water and electricity are not assured for many.

Last night, I donated CAD $500 (roughly USD $406) to World Vision. A global organization helping with things like:

  • Clean water accessabilty
  • Providing meals to the hungry
  • Child protection
  • Emergency response

Feel free to donate as well and share some screenshots if you'd like!

Looking forward to seeing many more posts like this in the near future from this great community

I hope to earn enough Moons to be able to do this more often."


Edit: thank you for the 3 awards ????

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