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???????? 5 reasons why Merchant Token could be a great deal! ???????? Last Chance! ICO is ending, phase 92 of 100 now!

???????? 5 reasons why Merchant Token could be a great deal! ???????? Last Chance! ICO is ending, phase 92 of 100 now!

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I made some research about this ICO that i found here in this sub and i’m writing here some details i found about the project and some reasons why i decided to invest on this.

In these last year I started to invest in low market cap projects, like HBAR, ONE, HOT, BTT and in the last month I started to look to ICO/IDO to try to get projects in the very start.

First of all, ICO is much more risky than investing in projects in an advanced stage. That's why I decided to invest only a small amount of my portfolio on ICO generally. Always do your own research.

Here on the website you can find all the info about the ICO:

Here the reasons will i decide to invest, i tried to resume much as possible:

1 - The project is amazing! In resume, they will provide consumer protection and concepts from the tradicional card payment industry to enable credit card terminals to accept any crypto with support for smart contracts, like Ethereum, Cardano or Solana.

It solves a real problem that is common to all merchants, the chargebacks. There are very interesting concepts like Automatic Dispute Management (ADM) and Community Dispute Management (CDM) you can find more about in details on whitepepper.

2 - The team behind the project is a Sweden company (Hips) and they work with POS terminals for payments using credit card, qrcode and others already processing payments for over 200,000 merchants globally. This gives the team the perfect background for the team!

3 - As the project is registered Finansinspektionen (FI), Sweden's financial supervisory authority under the number 80658. As it’s being registered in Sweden it will also be under Sweden laws, which gives me some peace to go sleep at night.

4 - It was already announced a partnership with The Payment House, to start in november this year to provide crypto as payment method for over 30,000 taxis in UK and Scandinavia.

5 - There are only 100,000,000 tokens as the maximum supply, with a fully diluted market cap only 120 millions! If this project reaches the market cap of only 1,2 bi it will make 1000% on the investment! As comparison some projects with similar market cap would be Bakery Token, Celo, Ankr, Kucoin and others around #87 to #93.

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