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A call to action

A call to action

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It is hard for a two sided marketplace to gain traction, it has a chicken and egg problem.

I would be good for the more 'hardcore', principled part of the community to try to get this ball rolling.

this applies to open bazaar and bitbacker for example but even for bitcoin cash as a whole.

thank you everyone who goes out of their way to be the chicken! (or the egg)

i mentioned bitbacker earlier as example of the chicken-egg problem, people will use the site once it has creators or personallities who they want to support and/or follow. Creators will only go though the hassle of setting something like this up and maintaining it once there is sufficient demand.

I noticed a lot of Bitcoincash and libertarian/anarchist creators already did the quick effort to set up a page. But the support seems largely missing.

As an effort to promote the platform, because i think this is one of the most obvious instances where we NEED to get away from the current payment processors because of censorship, i will try to maintain a list of the most relevant ppl on there.

my call to action: check out bitbacker, sign up and follow people you like!

even if you don't feel like pledging 5USD/month to a bunch of creators yet,

you can still follow, there's a lot of posts you can see and comment on for free!

and if you don't want a longer term commitment, just send some creators an encouraging message using the powerchats for as little as 1$

now to the list, so you can fill your feed more easily and keep things spicy

i probably missed a few important ones (if i did, tell me in the comments, i'll extend the list)

but i think this is a good start


Naomi Brockwell


Vin armani



Ben Swann (does not accept BCH for some reason)


Collin Enstand

Emilio Almansi


Bitcoin ABC

Other devs working on BCH


Coin Dance



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