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A DAG size re-consideration proposal

A DAG size re-consideration proposal

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I understand how it is going to be in the Ethereum community discussing Proof of Work issues, I mean a community based its security on PoW and ironically indifferent about it.In this community nobody has a clue about PoW, why should he or she? They are killing themselves to get rid of it and build a stupid reputation-based system and start printing money out of thin air, without consuming energy just like how feds are doing this, why not? It is so easy peasy, deposit some coins (PoW generated coins by the way), be an honest player (By running EF client software) and dada you are a member of the club.

But even as a stupid PoS enthusiast, one should reasonably understand that PoW is there and is doing its job and will continue to be in charge for a long time and deserves close attention instead of being considered an abandoned topic.

It is why I bring forward my proposal: Improve Ethhash for recycling 2 gig Dag size to avoid retiring 4 gig GPUs.

An educated person, with a deep understanding of what PoW is about and what it is not, can easily figure out the reasoning behind this proposal and a stupid one with a mind full of garbage rhetoric about how bad is PoW and how good is PoS or an irresponsible person who does not understand how critical it is to take care of mining issues in Ethereum won't be satisfied with any form of reasoning.

Although we have ProgPow proposal that looks to be a sign of responsibility, I'm telling you, it is not! The way this proposal, ProgPoW, has been handled from the first day dramatically proves me right: ProgPow is biased toward Nvidia while a significant majority of GPUs in mining scene of Ethereum are AMD and ProgPow is designed to keep the current bloated DAG file AS IS another sign of NV bias because their cards tend to be 6 gig and more.

Briefly speaking: Ethereum DAG file is growing and it will retire a significant portion of GPUs currently keeping it safe, in favor of NVIDIA cards and ProgPoW is making it even worse, fix it ASAP.

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