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A few questions from a confused newcomer looking for a pay what you want model.

A few questions from a confused newcomer looking for a pay what you want model.

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Hey there.

I hope this is the right subreddit to post this. I'm a science-fiction writer looking to adopt a pay-what-you want model on my website, and cryptocurrencies seem like they would fit right in with what I'm trying to do. I am a bit confused by all the information I'm finding online though, and I have some questions.

The first thing I don't understand are fees. I've looked at a few trading websites, and they use a lot of language I'm unfamiliar with. How does that work exactly? Are there multiple fees? If it's all decentralized, who gets that money?

In the same vein, are certain coins more suited to my needs? What I'm looking for is a way for people to donate small amounts of money for my book. I'm not really looking at investing large amounts of money. Actually, a big part of why I'm so confused is that most information I find talks about Crypto as a form of investment rather than as a currency. So far, I was thinking Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Are those good choices?

Some more information, in case it's needed. I live in Canada. I do not own a smart phone, and I try as much as I can to only use FOSS on my Linux PC, so please keep that in mind if you'll recommend software. Also, this is all new to me, so if you have use technical jargon, please define it. This goes not only for cryptocurrency but general investment as well.

Thank you.

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