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A message from my heart to all in the BCH community

A message from my heart to all in the BCH community

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To our wonderful community.

We know what we have and what we support. We know, without a shadow of a doubt that the utility, the vision, the purpose of bitcoin cash is real: it works and there really is nothing else like it.

However. There some of us that are still not vocal. You worry abt bots, maxis and skeptics. You worry that your voice won’t matter anyway. You think that your silent work to develop, invest, promote and mine is enough. And you think: “Roger, Rolando, Sunny: they got this”.

I’m here to tell you today: you’re wrong. It’s not enough.

While you have done enough to get us where we are today, and you are indeed the key people working silently in the community, the world needs to hear, see and feel the fruits of your labor and the positive impact this can have on the world. Banking the unbankable. Developing solutions that can change communities around the world forever! It’s time for you to dust off that twitter, reddit and facebook, plug in the webcam you haven’t used in years and tell the people why this is the best.

Look. When I came into politics, I got in after the worst hurricane in the history of the Caribbean had wiped out 80% of our homes. Why? Because I know I had the talent and knowhow to help us rebuild, and was not going to let those who failed my people in the past fail my people at such a crucial juncture.

The crypto hurricane has passed, and your people and your community needs you.

I’m talking to you Jihan; I’m talking to you Bali Gee; I’m talking to you Josh Green; The OG’s and the Gen Z’s; I’m talking to all you guys.

Roger can’t do this alone. None of us can. Its time to speak out and tell the world why we have a solution that will better the lives of millions of people, bots, maxis and haters be damned!

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