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a part of the latest road blog by Richard Soley

a part of the latest road blog by Richard Soley

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After a busy week in Raleigh for the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC)® February’s meeting, I spent a week in Berlin, primarily for meetings with the IOTA Foundation (of which I am a member of the supervisory board) and the McKinsey EMEA IoT Summit 2019. IOTA is doing quite well, focusing on distributed ledger technology ("DLT" or "blockchain") designed for the IoT machine-to-machine world. OMG is looking at the technology for standardization and several IIC members and other interested parties are looking at it for the trustworthiness component of a new testbed or two, so my IOTA Foundation duties meld well with my Object Management Group® (OMG®) ones! There are some interesting and impactful new announcements coming from the Foundation in the coming months ─ including their applications for liaison with both OMG and IIC. Watch this space, as they say!

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