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A real bitcoin Hackathon

A real bitcoin Hackathon

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A real bitcoin Hackathon

An online Hackathon held by the "real" Bitcoin community, must respect the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto, otherwise its just a gangbang for corruption between "awesome buddies"

How can anyone participate in that "Coinpartey" Hackathon anonymously without having to declare any pseudonym just with a BCH signature for the prize pool?

I would like to get an answer from Paul Wasensteiner, who is responsible for not following the privacy principles of Bitcoin but inventing his own KYC ruleset.


I would love to see a real Hackathon, sponsored by flipstarter, so if anyone with a credible reputation would start that campaign, then we could eventually get Satoshi Nakamoto and many other to participate (e.g. BTC/ETH/BSV coders who would not want to risk their reputation)

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