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A real usecase

A real usecase

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Hello there,

I never bothered looking at bitcoin cash until recently, and I'll explain to you why. I was never interested in the bitcoin cash vs bitcoin ever. And always kept my focus on around dapp platforms, because this is what interests me the most in this space and not cryptos.

However, what you guys have preached have become a reality in certain countries, and unfortunately I had to personally experience this in one of the economicallyjeopardized countries, where the banks are stealing 50% of any money sent by rigging the exchange rates (pegging the local currency to a price, while its real price is 50% different). I have familly there, and I had to find a solution to send them money:

1) Send dollars physicially there: It's very difficult, as it requires a person traveling every month 2) Buy gold online and sell it locally : shippment delays and costs 3) Buy cryptos and sell them on localbitcoin

Most of the buyers are bitcoin cash buyers as it is way faster than bitcoin. And now, I am interested in Bitcoin Cash ;)

That's my story folks

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