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A tale of two neighbours

A tale of two neighbours

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I just want to tell a tale of two neighbors. One is Jack and the other is Peter. Jack and Peter are not exactly good friends. They were once good friends but then something happened and they are no longer on talking terms.

One day Jack found $100 outside his doorsteps, he's really happy, he seldom finds random money lying around. Then Jack saw Peter coming out of his house and Peter found $200 outside his door. This changed Jack's day from happy to very unhappy, knowing how much more money Peter had found. Jack cursed and swear for the entire day about Peter's good luck.

The next day, Peter came out of his house and found $500 outside his door. Wow, now he found $700 total in just 2 days, he's super happy. Then he saw Jack found $1000 outside his door. Peter's joy immediately turned into anger and misery for the entire week.

Let's try not to be like Peter and Jack, lol.

My point is, let's try to look at Bitcoin Cash's pump and be happy. There may be other coins pumping more, but price will go up and go down, let's not spoil our day because of other coins. As long as you believe in the fundamentals, then I think Bitcoin Cash is good.

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