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After over a year, I'm in the green!

After over a year, I'm in the green!

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I first got into Crypto during the winter of 2018 (January 2018) when Bitcoin was brushing 18k. I got caught up in the lambo memes, moon talk, and invested a modest sum while it plunged to 9k. I bought more and more on the way down, spreading my investment around to Eth and a couple of altcoins.

Day trading and moving around my crypto left me with a measly 15% of my initial investment. So I said fuck it, moved my money into coins I believed in, removed notifications from Delta, stopped checking the subreddits, and held.

After over a year of swimming in red, I've finally made all my money back and even made a solid profit of 6%.

No matter what coins you hold we should all be excited about the future and the fact that we are all going to make it!


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