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Alternative crypto discussion platforms?

Alternative crypto discussion platforms?

Bitcoin Reddit

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I love BCH, it's the bitcoin I fell in love with way back when. I want to go all in on BCH but I'm concerned. By spending so much time in /r/btc am I becoming a victim of my own confirmation bias?

I find it so challenging to find honest discussion and analysis of the current crypto space. Although we're still in the early stages, crypto has started to go mainstream - but not because of adoption or real life use cases. Online communities are flooded with "number go uppers" and speculative get rich quick schemes. If you can make a coin with an interesting use case and can convince others to buy in, you can make it rich. Everyone else is just chasing that early adoption price spike opportunity. Honestly, it feels like every coin is way overpriced. Crypto today seems to me like it's 99.9% speculation and .01% adoption of the actual use case.

Reddit is really bad in this regard right now. You either have a general crypto subreddit where the only discussion is numbers go up, trading speculation and memes OR you have a coin specific subreddit where it's all "we have the best tech, our coin will make others irrelevant and here's a carefully curated and selected stream of only good news, now buy our coin and pump the price so numbers go up."

At least r/btc is pretty good in this regard. I like reading about the development and adoption in here way more than price benchmarks.

I really do like bitcoin cash but I want to do my due diligence, escape the pro-bch echo chamber of r/btc and read some well thought honest discussion about the pros and CONS of bch. I want to hear some honest negativity and real critical feedback.

I want to really learn about the current state of crypto, free from markets, prices, memes and useless holier than though flame wars.

I still love to read r/btc but I'm getting really worn out from all the confusion in the crypto space right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone have any good sources to find meaningful information and analysis? Any advice on how to escape the echo chambers in the crypto space of today?

Thank you and thanks for listening to my rant!

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