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Anybody know a dutch Iota/altcoin person?

Anybody know a dutch Iota/altcoin person?

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The podcast I listen to called "cryptocast" asked to suggest guests for future episodes: preferably Dutch. It is quite a big podcast in the cryptoscene for the Netherlands. Everytime I listen however it is like non stop propaganda from Bitcoin maximalists and haters of altcoins. This is not really anyone's fault but it is mainly because the guests are bitcoin maximalists. I was thinking about suggesting someone who can tell the public a bit more about the rest of the market and not just bitcoin (iota would be nice but does not have to be exclusively). However I do not know anybody big enough in the Netherlands who is into altcoins. It does not have to be an IOTA evangelist really just someone who might find it worthwhile to discuss iota among others. Here is the post:

If you guys know anyone let me know, or you can suggest him or her yourself in the tweet comments if you are Dutch. Otherwise it is kind of spammy.

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