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Anyone else's affiliates getting screwed over by binance us?

Anyone else's affiliates getting screwed over by binance us?

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So I saw a post a few days ago about whether or not the affiliate ID will be kept the same for binance US.

I contacted support.

This is what I sent them:

Hey there,

I have several sites that link to the binance website with my referral id. What happens when you launch Binance US? Can I use the same referral ID?

I am not a US citizen so will not be able to make an account with the binance US site and get a site specific affiliate ID.

It would be a shame to lose my visitors, If it is not possible, are you able to develop something that will allow current referrals to keep their referral links?

Here is their reply:

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are sorry to inform you that we couldn't understand your situation. You are not US citizen so you could still use your account and use your referral ID. For US user, we plan to launch new service for that, we don't have anymore details regarding this, please kindly wait with patience, we will update in the announcement in time.

I have a lot of referrals that I have created. And they are going to leave binance .com because they are based in the US and when Binance pull out they will have to switch.

Without anyway to create an affiliate ID for binance .us I am not able to email my mailing list and give them my new code.

I have in affect lost 60-70% of my demographic.

This is not cool binance. There must be a solution for existing ID's to be kept. You should not shit on people who have drove traffic to your site as loyal customers since you started. Start loosing loyalty and you lose trust. lose trust and you're done.


After Binance .com stops allowing US citizens to trade on their platform they will no longer be able to use it. ?


So, then they will have to use Binance .US, right?


Am I a US Citizen?


Can I then meet the KYC Criteria for affiliates on binance .US ?


Ergo... I cannot refer people to the US site and make any profit.

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