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Ask me a question about .Kred DNS ENS Domain names

Ask me a question about .Kred DNS ENS Domain names

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I work with the team at Kred and wanted to welcome any questions on .Kred DNS ENS Domain names - Domains.Kred

You may have seen Brantly and the Ethereum Name Service's recent announcement of .Kred's major integration with ENS:

(Here's an interview with our CEO at NASDAQ explaining the integration:

In short, .Kred DNS ENS Domains are fully resolving website and wallet addresses, where:

  • Domains can link to a normal website (any device or browser, like a .COM) using DNS
  • Domains can also link to a wallet, using ENS (send tokens to a friend using their memorable domain, like Cameron.Kred directly from your wallet) - 15 wallets and apps have already confirmed their ENS support for .Kred, including Opera)
  • DNS records are mirrored and synchronized onto ENS (this helps avoid an issue where the same name on DNS and ENS could be owned by separate people)
  • Domains are managed by a Domain Token (an ERC-721 NFT that lets you easily buy/sell/transfer control of the domain)

On Friday we opened a preliminary auction on OpenSea with 10 names:

  1. Dapp.Kred
  2. DeFi.Kred
  3. HODL.Kred
  4. ETH.Kred
  5. Wallet.Kred
  6. Exchange.Kred
  7. Fred.Kred
  8. Amazon.Kred
  9. Cash.Kred
  10. Satoshi.Kred

Look forward to any questions!


Read more on Domains.Kred or:

  1. "Kred DNS ENS Domains — Identity for your website and wallet"
  2. OpenSea announcement of .Kred Auction
  3. Ethereum Name Service announcement of major DNS ENS integration
  4. ".Kred launches as dual DNS and ENS domain" on Domain Name Wire
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