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BABB: the global fundraising and blockchain banking platform

BABB: the global fundraising and blockchain banking platform

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Here is why BABB changed everything today with the launch of the beta version of their app!

The beta version of the app is out and already the charities are flooding in to get their causes on the blockchain! Phase 1 of the app rollout allows for anyone to donate to any charitable cause anywhere on earth at any time. All done over the blockchain. All instantaneous. In addition, users can create their own notable causes and fundraisers. Phase 2 will include limited banking features and Phase 3 will see the rollout of full banking features along with a banking license, making BABB the worlds first and only bank using blockchain and technology for good, enabling unbanked and underbanked people around the world access to the global banking system and peer-to-peer lending!

BABB is in the early stages and already it has shown itself to be one of the best projects in crypto with a real world app, real world users, real charities like Mary’s Meals and VITAE using the platform and a very strong real world use case.


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