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BAT deposits, either failed or taking ages (still pending)

BAT deposits, either failed or taking ages (still pending)

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TL;DR / UPDATE: today the Ethereum network was clogged, gas fees also spiked up. Not a problem on binance's side, sorry I should have posted this in the Ethereum subreddit.


I already did some BAT deposits from my MetaMask wallet to my Binance account. Even choosing low fees, they always worked quite fast.

I've read that binance restored deposits and withdrawals 1 day ago:

I tried to send some BATs a few hours ago, at low fees (which always worked in the past). I checked in etherscan and the transaction was pending for more than 20 minutes, so I did speed up it up using the "average" option. A few minutes later the transaction actually failed.

I retried, this time using the default fees (average). The transaction is still pending since 1h 25 mins.

Is this normal? Is the Ethereum network saturated with transactions, or is there some issues on binance's side?

Normally even when I choose the lowest fees, after a couple of minutes, max 10 minutes a transaction is completed.

If somebody has issues with ERC20 token deposits (to binance), please share your feedback, thank you.

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