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Benefits of Point Pay.

Benefits of Point Pay.

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Research by Deutsche Bank shows that the number of cash payments worldwide is steadily declining, while the percentage of non-cash payments is constantly increasing – electronic money is gradually replacing paper money, and no one will be able to stop this process: for example, in the US, as of 2015, only slightly more than 20% of consumer payments were made in cash, and in Sweden, according to 2016 data – less than 10%: in this Scandinavian country, the sign ‘’we do not accept cash’’ has become normal. But progress does not stand still: payment cards are being replaced 5 by mobile applications installed in smart phones, and good old fiat money gives way to cryptocurrencies. The latter is due to a combination of various factors, including the natural human desire not to feel ‘’closely watched’’, to preserve at least partly the anonymity of their financial transactions: de jure, it is a constitutional right of every citizen, de facto the case is different.

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