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Best fee rate for routing in lightning

Best fee rate for routing in lightning

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I set up many big channels to popular nodes in the network and balanced them so that remote and local capacity are as evenly distributed as possible.

The fee rate of all my channels is the default setting of 1 sat base fee and 1 mSat fee rate.

I see some of my peers have different policies like 0.5 sats base fee and 500mSat fee rate.

I got some decent amount of routing in the past, my node is running ~3 months so far and I got ~750 forwardings in total.

Now I want to increase the amount of routing my node does and I think opening balanced high capacity channels to popular nodes was the first step and now I am wondering about the fee rates and if there is something than can be optimized.

Do you have any tips or experience yourself you can tell me about, maybe any lightning node operators that have already experimented with fee rates?

Edit: I do this as a self experiment to see what yields the best results for my own curiosity, I don't do this to earn any real money.

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