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Best solutions for the greater blockchain scalability

Best solutions for the greater blockchain scalability

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There are several basic entities which form GEO Protocol as bricks do for the house.

Among them are trustlines, statechannels & sidechains.

???? Please, check out our small #GEOdictionary below to get the idea of what we are working on!

✔️ Trustlines is a connection between 2 nodes. All the data of the transaction is stored in them only. The assets are protected only by the agreements of users with each other. The advantage is unlimited liquidity & easily achievable multi-equivalence.


✔️Statechannels is a two-way pathway opened between two users. The protection comes from the blockchain, and in the case of malicious actions, participants inform the blockchain about this. The advantage is reliability & good scalability of blockchains.


✔️Sidechains are separate blockchains attached to its parent blockchains. It allows digital assets from one blockchain to be securely used in a separate blockchain and then be moved back if needed. The main advantage is liquidity.


Which of those solutions you prefer the most and why? Let's discuss it in the comments!

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