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Best Way to Consistently Transfer Bitcoin

Best Way to Consistently Transfer Bitcoin

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Let's say hypothetically that I have a method of gaining an average ROI of 2% per day in Bitcoin. The catch being, the ideal exchanges are those that do not allow US customers, therefor limiting me to non-KYC solutions with limits such as a 2BTC per day withdrawal. My method will reach a ROI of ~2BTC per day in approximately 3 months, so I need a plan to be able to consistently remove 2BTC per day to another account that I can cash out into USD.

Automating transfers to Coinbase is one option. But their constant holding of funds and general attitude is infuriating at best. Are there any other good fiat-crypto exchanges that don't drown you in bullshit just trying to get your money out? Any other suggestions for this plan are welcome as well. I know OTC is a better option, but this is going to be a long term situation and I would prefer to make frequent small deposits versus large ones.

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