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Big Bubbler's Flipstarter Update!

Big Bubbler's Flipstarter Update!

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I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats to hear the latest ;-)

Highlights from the Flipstarter:

  • No one has made a pledge yet.You could be the first.

There was actually one tiny direct-donation from anti-BCH forces claiming me as their own.

This Flipstarter attempts to gather 50 Bitcoin Cash and lasts about 20 more days:

It is not a fancy site with the recommended cloudflare and a website as I am working on a shoestring budget ...

My anti-trolling world view is in this long article I published recently:

Thanks for considering this Flipstarter, Big Bubbler

If you do not wish to be known for supporting my efforts, I can understand that. I am a bit of a pariah at the moment. Feel free to be anonymous or use this direct address and I will try to add your donation to the Flipstarter if it seems like it would help it become complete or if you ask me to:


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