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Binance is stealing me Coins!!!!

Binance is stealing me Coins!!!!


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Hello, I have opened a case number #5458073.

I’m going to show you an example where they are disappearing my Coins. I don’t know why but when I put the API on Blockfolio( Only permissions of read ) they disappear some coins from my portfolio , I want to get it back because I don’t know how this have passed and also to alert the people in this problem . Also 4 days trying to contact the support but I don’t receive any help and it disappear more coins than ADA.

First Buy Second Buy Third Buy Only Withdrawal I have The Balance I have right now

As you can see , it doesn’t match the balance I have now . This happened when I connect the API , but in any place says I did a transaction or whatever . Some coins have disappear all the balance I have!! I need help by someone please to try to retrieve my coins . If anyone can help I will appreciate it so much .

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