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binance, this is the best hint I can give you about why the market sucks

binance, this is the best hint I can give you about why the market sucks

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because....Even if you know someone who can counterfeit money...

If you try and push a price up in a market that doesn't have enough REAL spare money to keep it going (you know and save that thing/person/you/orwhateveritis), then you're just going to sit there and go nowhere and feel like you have to commit more crimes/counterfeit/print more fake money and lie in court.

You know I tried to prevent this but it became a power trip for someone and now someone might go to jail because they wanted to act like this was a joke or a powertrip. Counterfeiting money isn't a joke.

Manipulating the price to stay alive when the world doesn't have enough real money to keep it going isn't a joke either.

We've past the point from high school to college and now you can go to jail if you break the law.

Whey aren't these people realizing this? Why aren't more people realizing this?

What the market has become today makes me puke even when I'm not hungover.

It keeps the price up and even if YOU ARE A BULL. you get harassed and can't keep you're money because some psychopath wants to keep going without taking breaks all the time.

You know. This could have ended in a dead meme but now we're dealing with the supreme court. This got out of hand a long time ago.

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