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Bitcoin Cash Scholarship Fundraising!

Bitcoin Cash Scholarship Fundraising!

Bitcoin Cash Reddit

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Dear fellow crypto enthusiasts,
I here to present a new crypto scholarship program but I need your help. Our goal is to
provide a scholarship to people in the STEM/STEAM field who uses the blockchain/crypto to help others. We want to make a simple, secure and high giving scholarship program to these types of people.
How will this work?
People would have to fill out a free form on our website. After that, we will give them a random question. After that, a team of 2 users will verify the application and essay. The essay will then be given a certain amount of points out of hundred, the work they have done will be given a certain amount of points out of hundred and the grades will be averaged. After that, it is sent to our budgeting team of 2 people who will decide how much to give them. Then someone [most likely me] will be mailing out the letter to him/her.
What do we need?

We need your support and funding. We have set a bunch of goals for our program and we will be accepting: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, litecoin and dogecoin.

$10K : We could give $1K scholarships
$20K : We could give $1K-$2K scholarships
$50K : We could give $1K-$5K scholarships
$100K : We could give $1K-$10K scholarships.
What will we do with donations?
With all the dogecoin we make it will go towards:
- Mailing fees
- Web hosting
- Developers
- Exchange Fees
With all the bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, litecoin:
- The actual scholarship
How do I know if this is a fraud?
When we give a scholarship we will upload all the data on our website. This will be: scholarship amount (with a link to the transaction), to who, when, which college, what are they doing, and a quote from him/her.
How can I donate?
Donate to:
Bitcoin - 131npzSxFfiLrVukzZaLSP3n6Acio9Lpcq

Bitcoin cash - qryw8rcahd2uv07dr92uty45qml2tva59gvrhup27h

Litecoin - LfcVvxMLfWd5EUBwQussMxBEAp9DSC3dKM

Ethereum - 0x01a462A3010e9945efa2038C86ECCC40244E4EDB

How much we received:
4/14/19: $0

If you don't have bitcoin cash to donate can you please upvote this post!

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