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Bitcoin cash utilisation in commerce measured

Bitcoin cash utilisation in commerce measured

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I had a look at bitcoin cash transaction statistics after seeing the median transaction value is only 0.01 USD

I filtered transactions with value between 0.1USD to 1000 USD assuming this would be the range somehow representing transactions used in commerce I totally get that it isn't perfect. I was trying to eliminate the obvious cases of TXs used to trade tokens and big transfers to/from/between exchanges. And the results are :

September 2018,output_total_usd(0.1..1000)#,output_total_usd(0.1..1000)#)

September 2019,output_total_usd(0.1..1000)#,output_total_usd(0.1..1000)#)

They are both just under 400k transaction per month = 13000 per day = 550 per hour. Sept 2019 was actually a fraction lower. I would expect much different results after all the news from Roger and Coinspice about growing global adoption. Any thoughts? And yes, I absolutely expect a ton of down votes for just posting links to uncomfortable data.

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