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Bitcoin = COBOL

Bitcoin = COBOL

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COBOL was created in 1959 as one of the first computer programming languages, and many financial organizations adopted it immediately. COBOL became the backbone of their operations and was revolutionary to productivity. COBOL has many downsides, and the people who know it are dying off. COBOL became so ingrained in the big banks and government that it is now cost prohibitive to transition to a more modern programming language/ERP/Oracle.

Now we have bitcoin, which can't scale, uses a lot of electricity, and has superior competition. But, its trusted as the first crypto and is never going away. Whats the point of moving to a new more efficient coin like Nano when we have BTC that we can rely on?

Right now, in my eyes bitcoin will be the crypto world's equivalent to COBOL.

Any thoughts on this?

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