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Bitcoin over $4000 f*** let's buy some

Bitcoin over $4000 f*** let's buy some

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OK guys, what are we waiting for? BTC is moving, we have to kick it's butt. Just buy some. $50 worth, let's push it up. We all know BTC is the future and we should make it happen, I'm not talking about pushing it to 20k in 2 days, buy some every month $1, $2, $100 doesnt matter, just be a part of it. This could change the world like once the internet did. Just try to think about the last 15 years and where we are now. Internet everywhere, back in 2000 a lot of people didn't even have internet at home, now everybody is online 24/7 with their smart phone. The same will happen with BTC. Let's take the power from the rich.

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