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Bitcoin scam tricked my wife, any suggestions?

Bitcoin scam tricked my wife, any suggestions?

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(Mods feel free to boot me)

Bitcoiners! I come in peace; looking for something constructive to come out of an unfortunate situation my wife got herself into.

Long story short: she is quite persuadable, never heard of Bitcoin in her life. Yesterday she was conned by a phone scam and ended up depositing a big chunk of cash into a convenience store Bitcoin ATM. That money is gone forever into the ether, I’m not naive:)

Here’s what I have though: - Phone numbers of the scam artist(s), including one used to text images to her - A QR code texted to her that she used to deposit - Reference number from the ATM deposit

Again, no expectations of getting that cash back.

But literally anything you can recommend, based on what we do have, to help prevent such shenanigans from occurring again will help me sleep at night.

All the best!

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