free web page hit counter mining pool auto-profit : buggy or manipulated ? mining pool auto-profit : buggy or manipulated ?

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On mining pool the "auto-profit" algorithm switch miners (who use it) on BTC or BCH depending which is more profitable. Until the end of January it worked and the pool mined regularly a reasonable quantity of BCH blocks, even if the hash rate goes significantly more to BTC than to BCH (snif).

Since 2 or 3 weeks, the hash rate on BCH is still very low even when announce BCH as 4 or 5 % more profitable... Only the ones like me, who only mine BCH, are active on BCH. And we find 1 block each day !

I noticed that the auto-profit switches on BCH when the profitability is very high on it (may be 8%) - or may be when enough people like me write to the support !- and to BTC as soon it becomes 1% more profitable.

What game is playing ?

Anyway I switched to ViaBTC and it's a pity.


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