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Bitfinex trying to steal my crypto (10K USD)

Bitfinex trying to steal my crypto (10K USD)

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Hello. I am from Ukraine. Today I got the issue with bitfinex. Seems they are cheating and want to steal my money.

I used this exchange even before they were hacked, even more, I have verified account. But who cares when someone wants to cheat you -they cheat you..

This story starts a little bit less than 48 hours be exact: 10.07.19 at 17:19 (EEST GMT +3).

I got an email from bitfinex:

Bitfinex is constantly improving and adjusting its customer acceptance and related compliance policies, in order to ensure that it is operating within its risk appetite. As policies change, Bitfinex must decline new verification requests and terminate existing customer relationships from time to time.

Unfortunately, I must inform you that Bitfinex is no longer in a position to do business with you. This should not be taken as a reflection of any particular business that you may undertake or your fitness to do business with any other digital token platform or, indeed, any other counter-party. Regrettably, furthering this business relationship is outside of Bitfinex's risk appetite at this time.

Accordingly, please remove all property that you have on the platform, if any, within 48 hours. In 48 hours, Bitfinex will permanently suspend your trading and withdrawal privileges.

Please note that you are permitted to withdraw in BTC or ETH only.

After so many years they decided that they don't want to have deals with me...of course, because there is new bull run and there is a lot of new hamsters arrive every day...why they need a guy from a risky country ...and ...I even don't know what other reasons can be... I am just average Joe but from Ukraine....but doesn't matter if they don't want me I don't want them.

So today at 13:39 I made 2 withdrawal requests (BTC ,ETH) . A few hours later at 16:40 I decided to check is my money arrived...and surprise - there are no transactions at all. I logged in to withdrawals canceled...really??? they said I have 48 hours...but probably they like my money more than I.

Even more, I see a banner on top of the site which says that withdrawals suspended on my account...

I ask the community to help me with this issue.


Thank you guys for support.

Yes, I already wrote to support. But I just can imagine how many weekends it will take to get a response from them...they are so busy by accepting newcomers...

They probably forgot the phrase: "A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush"

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