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Bitwala How To recover your funds and Warning

Bitwala How To recover your funds and Warning

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Good morning everybody,

Let's talk about Bitwala.

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In case u/Bitwala blocked your funds, please collect all the emails/documents exchanged with them and upload them on Dropbox. Then please, file a CLAIM with the Berlin Polizei here:


Add in the claim's description the Dropbox link, explaining what is inside.

IMPORTANT: SEND then the claim's PDF to u/Bitwala.


Here you can also finds some useful contacts:

Disclaimer: all the information were collected from public documents and no privacy breach was made.

Bitwala number: +49 30 2398 0075

Ben Johnson (Bitwala CEO): +49 ..... Public Link:

Let's talk about Bitwala.

Bitwala is a platform that provides you a German IBAN to deposit EUR and then buy BTC. The BTC wallet is a multi-signature type. What does it mean? Multi signature means that the user does not have 100% control over his wallet.

So how works u/Bitwala ?

Forget about Bitwala, in reality you are dealing with a German bank named SolarisBank AG. Your bank account opened with u/Bitwala, is under their control. Bitwala, as stated by their costumer agents, cannot influence any decision regarding the freezing of your funds.

Below my deposition made with the Berlin Polizei.

" Giacomo Vico, myself, on the 15.10.2019, registered on Bitwala and made a first deposit from PayPal, for two thousand euro.

The deposit was credited and everything *seemed very good.* On the 16.10.2019 other four thousand and five hundred euro were transferred from PayPal to Bitwala.

The same day the account was blocked. No warning or explanation.Immediately I tried to stop the second deposit, but it was too late.

Emailing instantly Bitwala, a support agent named Brianna, told me that they had no responsibility over the bank accounts, and every decision about them was taken by their bank partner, SolarisBank AG. This last part is extremely poor explained on their website.

The day after, 17.10.2019, Giacomo Vico requested a formal explanation and provided all the documents proving the ownership of the PayPal. *No answers from Bitwala or SolarisBank.*

So, on the 20.10.2019, after a pile of useless and vague emails, Giacomo Vico decided to call directly SolarisBank. He could spoke only with a vague operator, named Jerico and was denied speaking with a manager. The operator told Giacomo Vico that he could only address his concerns, about SolarisBank, through emailing with their partner Bitwala. However, in response, u/Bitwala repeated that they could not solve the dispute because they had no control over the bank account.

Stunned by so evident subtle manners, Giacomo Vico, on the 28.10.2019, was obliged to call in his lawyer.Again, SolarisBank was called, in order to solve as gentlemen the dispute, but again we were denied speaking with a manager.

Therefore, on the 29.10.2019 my lawyer sent an email to SolarisBank formally requesting the closure of the account and the remittance of the funds. Absolutely no answers. After calling them again they repeated they could not speak with us and we should address our concerns to u/Bitwala. "

Two days, later my lawyer opened a Legal Claim with the Berlin Polizei, against two managers of Solarisbank.

ONLY after this, we received an email from SolarisBank asking for an IBAN to remit the funds.

All Bitwala Cases:

Bitwala is directed by four managers Jörg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, Dylan McFadyen, Ben Johnson.

Three of them previously operated a company called All4BTC, which many of you may remember.


All4btc was a service that let you buy anything on the web using Bitcoin.

You copy-pasted in All4Btc the link of what you wanted to buy, enter your shipping details, checkout with bitcoin and lastly wait for All4Btc to buy your product and then ship it to you.

Indeed during the brief life of the company a huge number of users hardly complained that they paid for orders, but no items were ever received.

Funds recover was impossible because customer service STOPPED RESPONDING.

In the link below you will find all the users that "lost" their funds with All4BTC.

After increasing claims, the three of them decided was time for fresh air. They interrupted all the activities with All4BTC and continued with Bitwala GmbH.

Bitwala and All4BTC Structure

Minckwitz, Goslicki and McFadyen in 2013 funded the Bits & Coins Consulting UG.

All4BTC was a “Bits & Coins Consulting UG” project, as it is clearly stated here.

Then in 2015, Jörg von Minckwitz and Jan Goslicki founded Bitwala GmbH.

Taking a closer look, we see that Jörg von Minckwitz, while being director of Bitwala, was the head manager of All4BTC until 17.08.2016, when Dylan McFadyen took his place.

Then on the 24.11.2017, Martin Mischke became the head manager of All4BTC replacing Dylan McFadyed, which became Senior Manager in Bitwala GmbH.

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