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Blockchain Ticketing project GET Protocol releases 'Ticket Sharing' feature

Blockchain Ticketing project GET Protocol releases 'Ticket Sharing' feature

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GUTS Tickets, the first user of the GET Protocol ($GET), announced the new feature today, saying:

We want to not only make ticketing honest, but also more fun and easier for everyone.
This feature was a tricky one nonetheless, as it loosens the way people can move around tickets, which in turn opens up the potential for scalping and fraud. We had to find a way to give this freedom to users, without exposing them to the risks of fraud and reselling we eliminated in the first place.
With this in mind, we have designed ‘Ticket Sharing’; Instead of transferring tickets specifically between people, you invite your friends / family members to the event you have tickets for. Anyone you invite and accepts your invitation will FULLY OWN all tickets of that event, just like you.
(...) We hope this adds a new layer of fun and ease of use to the ticketing experience of users, as well as open the doors for more large-scale clients to use our honest ticketing solution.

Check out the full announcement and feature here:

GUTS Tickets has already sold over 185.000 smart tickets using GET Protocol, all of which are registered on the Ethereum network, and none of which have been scalped or used to dupe consumers. For more info on GET Protocol, check out:



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