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Blocknet - The Internet Of Blockchains, Comparison between BLOCK and LINK

Blocknet - The Internet Of Blockchains, Comparison between BLOCK and LINK

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I recently digged deep into this project, since I got extremely interested in DEX's since they seem to be on everyones agenda lately. To my surprise I discovered that Blocknet is WAY more than just a simple "DEX".

Their Xrouter is what caught my interest:

Blocknet's XRouter which makes it possible to build decentralized apps using features from any public or private blockchain, will serve as the foundation for multi-blockchain architectures and the “Internet of Blockchains”. XRouter was designed from the ground up to provide interoperability with ANY and ALL blockchains.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? You can read more about it here:

When comparing Blocknet's Xrouter to Chainlinks Oracles an interesting thing caught my attention!

The XRouter can serve billions of requests per day like Infura (who is doing over 20 billion/day). If each call averages out to about 0.001 BLOCK/call, then that's about $1,000,000 going to the active service nodes. If 100 is running it equals to $10,000/day per service node that the XRouter pulls in based off a tiny 0.001 BLOCK call at $0.70.

LINK charges 0.1/call which is 0.23 cents, which is quite expensive compared to BLOCK.

I'm not saying LINK is a trash project, but it sure seems hyped up when you've got a project doing the exact same thing in a far more decentralized fashion with a 1/200 of the marketcap, while having the first working DEX running at the same time.

What are you guys thoughts about this? I'd love to know...

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