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Btc/bch consumer rant

Btc/bch consumer rant

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This started off as a comment on another thread, but felt that it became inappropriate as just a response to a random posting.

I would call myself a crypto consumer. I was lucky enough to be one of those people that heard about a family member that made tons of money on cryptocurrency. Being a proponent of early adoption, and was proactive and immediately bought into bitcoin in May 2016, as you know, right before the creation of bitcoin cash.

Being new to the world of crypto, I saw this as a win, because I made more money.

Watching both these communities grow is pretty wild, but as a consumer who owns and utilizes both currencies, I can say that guerrilla marketing for Bch is very unattractive. Now, I’m sure many do not care what the consumer thinks, and that is fine. But those who might value some input from the consumer, this is my stance.
I have never put my hard earned money into an organization that talks shit on a competitor. If you can’t prove your merit though action and utility alone, and you rely on slander and name calling, I fee something is wrong.

I understand that this is not the bch community as a whole, but it’s prevalent enough that at least one consumer(me) is confused and put off by the negativity and animosity that comes across here.

I’m fully aware that this will be downvoted to shit, and f that’s the case, I feel that it strengthens my argument here.

I will continue using both currencies until it is clear through merits which I should be using.

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