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But Bitcoin can't scale: harddrive edition

But Bitcoin can't scale: harddrive edition

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I've heard all the excuses why bitcoin can never scale. It's the network throughput that limits tps. No, it's the cpu that is the bottleneck. No no no, my friend, its the size of the mempool... That's the real problem. Oh no, its just that you can't possibly read and write to drive fast enough.

On the topic of bitcoin can't scale, here's an insane, no an utterly insane, storage device exceeding 20 gigabytes per second and 4 million io ops per second.

I guess Bitcoin won't scale, but that's politics. Bitcoin cash can take advantage of all these fun developments.

We don't need them today. But with existing technology, we can do insane tps already especially once the code gets further optimisation. We need no further technology innovations to be money for the world. We're there. Wow.

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