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Calling All Bitcoin Cash Superheroes

Calling All Bitcoin Cash Superheroes

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In this world, there are usually 3 groups of people. The people who wait for things to happen, the people who make things happen, and the ones who have no idea what the hell just happened. During my Bitcoin Cash journey, I can see many great folks trying to make things happen. I wish I could reach out to each and everyone of you to let you know how amazing you are, but I am a social recluse and find communication difficult. Nevertheless, it is very heartening to see people across cultures and national boundaries come together as one to shape the future of peer to peer cash.

This is freedom. But freedom comes at a high price as one may observe with the paid sockpuppets and trolls and propaganda/lies/censorships constantly attacking Bitcoin Cash. Their motive is to demoralize, delay, create a toxic environment and even stop this movement (as one could learn about how Bitcoin XT was DDOS and how BTC was hijacked and kicked out Gavin Andresen). And if you ever felt demoralized or down or want to give up because of their actions, congratulations because you are falling precisely into their trap. And congratulations again because by reading this article, you are given awareness and being reminded that what we are doing is fighting for freedom and a better world... and freedom comes at a high price, a price in which I am willing to pay. We must not give in to these toxic trolls and bullies, because if we do, we are telling them their harassments and bullying works... and they will find new victims. They will continue to harass and bully others into submission. We owe it to others to never give in to toxic trolls and bullies. Think of them as losers in real life because that is what they are. Their lives are so sad and pathetic that they had to resort to being toxic trolls and online bullies.

When I was young, I wished that I could have superpowers like the superheroes in the movies. I wanted to make a difference during my short stay on Earth. As I grew older, I come to the realization that actually anyone can be a superhero and change the world. There is no need for any superpowers; You just need to be willing to do the right thing. We need more superheroes in Bitcoin Cash to help bring economic freedom and liberty to the world and in the process, shape a better future for humanity. Bitcoin Cash has the power to lift billions of human beings from poverty, sufferings, hardships, and deaths. Join us, this is the peer to peer cash iniative. My name is Nick Fury and I am from SHIELD... erm sorry, I am from 1BCH.

I cannot understate the importance of peer to peer cash so I am going to repeat it. Bitcoin Cash has the power to lift billions of human beings from poverty, sufferings, hardships, and deaths. When something is important enough, we should do it even when the odds are against us. Let's do this together, no matter what it takes... No matter what it takes.

I am available to chat at should you need any advice. Join the peer to peer cash iniative, we need more superheroes. If you have a Bitcoin Cash project, we can create a hangout place for your projects so your supporters can discuss about them. Together, we are strong. =)

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