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Can Ethereum be used without smart contracts?

Can Ethereum be used without smart contracts?

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I know this sounds odd, but can Ethereum be used without contracts?

This seems counter-intuitive, but here is my scenario: Groups where participation is permissionless, but all peers are governed with existing contracts, and have verified identity (IE: telecom companies physically peering with each other).

In the telecom case, imagine route broadcasts. Each network has the networks they peer with - but they don't control who are peers of the peers. So the updates are permissionless, but not trustless.

There are projects like Hyperledger - but AFAIK Hyperledger cannot handle the unknown peers of peers scenario. There is also distributed hash tables, but they are not as secure on their own.

I wrote a journal paper on this idea, but I still get a lot of pushback on this type of use. Are there any gotchas that I miss? Can Ethereum be used in this format? If interested, the journal article is here, but only tangentially related to the original question:

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