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Can we make money from btc and other coins this way?

Can we make money from btc and other coins this way?

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Hi, this may sound very basic thing to regular trader but I've never traded in cryptos and just thought of this as an idea. I noticed that some international crypto to crytpo trading platforms are offering btc and other coins in cheap if compared to my country's local wallets. In simple words, international prices are lower than what my country's local players are charging.

If buy from international player and then send to my country's local wallet my crypto portfolio would technically be worth more right? I can then withdraw to my local currency and book actual profit. Would it work, what you think?

Problems I assume can be there like fee for sending money from one wallet to another and other charges that come up, has anyone done this?

One more thing I noticed is one player in my country has huge spread and another player has very less spread, can I have an opportunity here also? (In this case both are local players)

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