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Can we please get a new sticky FAQ thread?

Can we please get a new sticky FAQ thread?

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Since Afri seems to have torched the old sticky thread in his departure without providing for a successor, could one of the mods please address this issue and put up a new FAQ thread?

This is a critical time for Ethereum, with the early stages of PoS raising the same questions over and over again. There will undoubtedly be an influx of people to this subreddit asking things, and it will be necessary to have an updated FAQ thread with semi-official statements on roadmap, answers to common questions about staking and the transitional period, and approved URLs to wallets and dapp websites to manage the continued influx of new, non-technical people who would just like to know how to USE Ethereum.

I'm sure the mods currently hate a portion of the community for attacking their own and a portion of the community is upset with the mods due to Polkadot Conspiracy Theory of the Week #18, but could the moderators please do their jobs? This subreddit belongs to everyone.


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