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Can we put an end to price predictions?

Can we put an end to price predictions?

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Tom Lee announces that... Winklevoss twins confidently affirm that... John McAffee doubles down on initial prediction of...

Still? We're giving clicks to this bullshit? The worst is that in the comments of each and every thread like this, people are pointing out how foolish making these predictions is.

Mods, can we finally outright ban 'articles' that do nothing but inject bullish sentiment? It blurs the waters and does nothing but hype up Bitcoin (and in rare cases - ETH). "Celebrity" investors and analysts never talk about other projects either, despite the massive industry support some of these projects are gathering (VeChain, Hyperledger, IOTA, XRP, etc.). Why? Just like the rest of us, they have zero idea what the future really holds. All they can do is use the resources they have to manipulate public sentiment, which we happily help them do.

Furthermore, if you think injecting artificial bullish sentiment makes a market stronger (and therefore, more likely to go up), think again. All it does is attract uneducated speculators and sharks who always need fresh blood to feed on.

It's a plague that likely won't go away, but at least we can do our part in lowering its impact.

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