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Can't claim reward. Deleted Brave Browser for good today.

Can't claim reward. Deleted Brave Browser for good today.

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After I kept on having problems with the reward system I turned to the Brave sub for help. They have a active support there, so why not. But the Brave support dosnt seem to be interested in helping or are clueless about the problem at hand. There where some gentil folks from the community that tried to help but didn't have the insights needed.

I wasn't able to claim my rewards for 4 month now and I could only guess how much BAT that was. I was getting frustrated more and more. First with the browser then with the nonexisting user support. I mean sure.... Let me watch all those adds and let you have all the money. No reason to get mad on my end, right?

I was hoping some day I could claim the rewards, that's why I held off from doing anything like to reinstall the browser, because funds would get lost. I was hoping to get some advice from the support. But after I have turned several times to the support and have not gotten any answer I was done today.

If anyone else is having this kind of issues: stop using Brave if you are doing it for the rewards. You will not be able to claim them. You will not get help from the company. Stop giving them free money!

Edit: What a shitshow of a thread. Way to go Brave/BAT community!

Edit2: The point of this post is to make people who have rewards stuck in limbo for some time aware that they will not be able to claim those rewards. The reward system seams to be broken in some way. The way it is broken would be interesting to find out but hey... Let's instead just denounce the redditor and his claims.

Edit3: u/bat-chriscat came throug and found the problem. It seams to be a problem with SafetyNet within rooted Android phones. Thanks for clearing it up.

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