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Carbon emission comparison of IOTA transaction vs. Bitcoin?

Carbon emission comparison of IOTA transaction vs. Bitcoin?

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Has this been analysed? If so, any figures to share...and how would it change as the network gains higher throughput?

I think that tokens and protocols that involve lower emissions will see a serious upward movement this year and beyond as BTC is not conducive to a net zero future for humanity, and the climate change agenda is gathering pace and a sense of urgency now. As crypto mainstreams, financial institutions and corporate investors are going to get hammered by stakeholders, shareholders, and regulators if they ignore the environmental impacts of their decisions. ESG approaches are on the rise and tokens like IOTA should benefit, if they have good credentials. It wouldn't surprise me if developed countries start applying a carbon tax to crypto gains within the next few years, almost like an uplift applied to capital gains tax depending on where the gains have been made.

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