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Cryptocoins News / EthNews - 8 hours ago

The Future Of Bitcoin

New York Times writer Nathaniel Popper discusses how bitcoin is currently being used, who is using it, and how the technology will eventually fit into the lives of everyday people.

Cryptocoins News / EthNews - 1 day ago

White Paper Writer Speaks Out

A white paper writer talks about cryptocurrency and blockchain startup companies forcing writers to fabricate business models, make up false funding budgets, and blatantly plagiarize patented technology.

Cryptocoins News / EthNews - 1 day ago

Vitalik Suggests Raising Stake Rewards

Vitalik proposes that rewards for stakers be raised from 2.5 percent to almost 6 percent, as long as at least 10 million ETH has been staked. Vitalik thinks this increase will improve the health of the Ethereum platform, help boost its security, and...

Cryptocoins News / EthNews - 1 day ago

What Went On At The Odyssey Hackathon?

The Odyssey Hackathon, purportedly the "world's biggest blockchain & AI hackathon," took place in the Dutch city of Groningen last week. The hackathon included 1,500 participants from 29 different countries. Projects focused on using blockchain t...

Cryptocoins News / EthNews - 4 days ago

Team McAfee: A Scam?

John McAfee is well known for accepting cash and crypto in return for positive tweets promoting specific companies and their initial coin offerings. However, many companies, as well as McAfee's former CEO Jimmy Watson, say that McAfee failed to deliv...