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Cryptocoins News / Medium - 6 days ago

A simple guide to the Web3 stack

Web3 is the latest buzzword to see an uptick in interest in recent months — What does it actually mean?Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures sheds light on key trends in crypto. Written by Connor Dempsey, Angie Wang & Justin Mart.A lot of defin...

Cryptocoins News / Medium - 8 months ago

Around the Block #14: DeFi insurance

Around the Block sheds light on key issues in the crypto space. In this edition Justin Mart and Ryan Yi share a deep dive on DeFi insurance.Where are all the DeFi insurance markets?Insurance may not be the most exciting part of crypto, but it is a ke...

Cryptocoins News / Medium - 1 year ago

Securing an ERC-20 token for launch on Coinbase

How to pass the most trusted cryptocurrency platform’s security guidelines for ERC-20 tokensBy Nadir AkhtarTL;DR: The ERC-20 standard has become a popular way to create digital assets and assign protocol voting rights on the Ethereum blockchain. When...