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Entry Point

Used to have BCH a few years ago then sold. I’m planning to reinvest at about 0.05 cents as I think that would be a great entry point. See you guys there. - Ayisyen Messiah submitted by /u/DigitalAssetClass [link] [comments]

Get 5-10$ Free on Cashapp

Use code PGBBNZF when you sign up to get a free 5-10$ when you send 5$ and link a debit card submitted by /u/cloud-bound_ [link] [comments]

I have bought 1 BCH.

I am making this poll just to show how supportive is the community of Bitcoincash at these lows. In the next week, I challenge everyone to buy at least 1 BCH at these low prices. ​ View Poll submitted by /u/DogeBossNFT [link] &...