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Post a Job and Pay in BTC or BCH at CoinGigs!

Looking for a web developer to help build your website? Or how about a Graphic Designer to make you a professional logo? Or a Social Media Manager to prepare a month-long content and schedule to publish for you? These are small tasks that you can sim...

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Mining bch.

Im interesting to mine BCH. Please can provide some legit tutorial? Thanks submitted by /u/Duke_Prodigy [link] [comments]

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Rise of Rhelegus

The #NFT world's next big thing has arrived!! ????????????Rise of Rhelegus is a 7,777-item NFT collection project that includes a #P2E game and a #Meteverse #Gamefi ????????????The Pre-Sale is about to begin.????๏ธ13:30 UTC on January 22, 2022โœ…Mar...

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I lied

Im sorry guys I was not honest. A while back i said i would double my Bitcoin cash portfolio if it ever dropped back to 500. Itโ€™s With my upmost apologies that I actually have three times the amount now since then ???? submitted by /u/j...