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Hey, I'm new to Bitcoincash

Would love to gain some wisdom and advice from the veterans here haha. What are some of your strategies to generate cash flow? and when's the best time to buy in? how do you determine what a dip is in the cryptocurrency world? submitted by...

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Complete the questionnaire to earn rewards

After completing the research report, the reward will be issued within three days. Please answer all the questions in the research report carefully to ensure the authenticity of the data.

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Is bch even worth the investment?

I did some research on bch and all saw is there’s multiple 51% attack on bch and the network is too centralised. don’t hate me tho. I’m still new to bch submitted by /u/Critical_Valuable_44 [link] [comments]

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Learn about Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

These two links will give you information/ideas about Bitcoin Cash. (Getting Started) - Bitcoin Cash FAQ - Image from submitted by /u/sa...