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Do yall think its gonna stay at this point or is it possible to drop in $900s again. Last time I didnt sell at the 1200 mark and it dropped all the way down to $700 submitted by /u/No-Nerve8412 [link] [comments]

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Don’t do my mistake!

I hodl BCH from the BTC fork until 02/2021. Swapped all my BCH to get DOT and KSM just to see few months later BCH Rising from €350 to €1200 while DOT becomes stable coin and KSM Dumps from €480 to €250… Even doge is doing better than the DOT and KSM...

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Bitcoin Cash vs Gold analogy is muddy

Someone please fill me in how BTC and BCH relate to the qualities of the cash and gold analogies? I can't comprehend why a proponent of BCH would still hold BTC or vice versa (other than portfolio diversification). Like what are the longterm use...