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Why Bitcoin Cash failed.

The value proposition was an all or nothing bet: Bitcoin Cash marketed itself as being "the true Bitcoin". So when it failed to replace BTC, it had nothing to lean back on to justify its existence. There are 10,000 projects in 2021 and Bit...

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It's over Evidence proving how much bch sucks submitted by /u/Zealousideal_Fig_870 [link] [comments]

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BCH NG HUB is 80% Completed ... Sneak peek in Pictures... More updates coming soon ... Stay tuned... HUB Launch Coming on the 25-10- 2021 Education - Adoption - Development - that's the Goal... BCH NG will resume its Normal Activities, A...

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Buy expensive product with

Hi. I live in Belgium I want to know if buy expensive product is secure with Exemple a luxury pen 3600 $ or lighter 1800 $ 15 % promo is great... I dream if this pen since years and i never spend money Only work work work since 12 years......