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Tried to claim BTG, but they're gone?

Hey, so i've tried to claim my BTG. I've followed in instructions in a guide I found and I saw zero balance. I used the recovery seed of my wallet into coinomi app. (worth mentioning that the wallet is empty for...

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???? I found this ICO from a Swedish ???????? company on Reddit few days ago and its already in phase 105 of 120 in only few days ❀️ Largest DeFi ICO of 2021 - Real use in taxis at UK and Scandinavia starting in november of this year! ????

Hi everyone! I invested on this project in the start of this month on phase 5 and i got impressed how quick the ICO is going, currently it's on phase 105 of 100 and the ICO that was schedule for end at 30 June probably will end much earlier them...

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2017 Fork Question, Urgent - $35k Tied up.

So in early 2017 I moved my Bitcoin to a paper wallet, and kept it there for 2 years until 2019. How would I claim the Bitcoin Gold from the fork? Is it the same private and public keys? When I search for the public key on the BTG blockchain it shows...