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Is holding iota tokens pointless?

So I’ve learned iota coin does not increase with demand nor with usage of its infrastructure. Does that mean it’s pointless to hold it? submitted by /u/superegoo [link] [comments]

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Where to send my IOTA?

I need to move my iota in less than 5 days but I cannot find any online services or IOS applications that can work that quickly. submitted by /u/Commercial-Whole7382 [link] [comments]

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IOTA - Firefly disconected

I migrated my funds wia Firefly. It went ok but at the end it displayed "Something went wrong" "Your funds will become available shortly" Status "Network disconected" When I open Firefly, it is still the same: "Some...

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Bitfinex problems

Bitfinex give me this message Withdrawals for this currency are currently unavailable. For details and information please see recent announcements . I looked at the announcements and found nothing for IOTA. anyone having issues or understand what is...

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#EPCIS2: a global standard to build trusted and decentralized supply chains powered by #IOTA! Together with EVRYTHNG, Zebra Technology and other leading industry experts, we're building the web language for supply chain data interoperability: htt...

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Price Price Price...

Let's be real, people are just unhappy because of IOTA's price performance. Even with NOTHING else being different, if the price were higher, people wouldn't be complaining, we'd be hearing praises (which for example happened just a f...