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How Time or clock on Tangle works ??

Have been following Iota for more than 4 yrs, after doing my research on this project I can say that Tangle or DAGs are better than Blockchain in most of the areas. Only thing I couldn't understand was that how time is calculated and kept on the...

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Sending IOTA to Trust Wallet

Is it still a thing to send Bep20 IOTA from e.g. Binance to Trust? The bridge to get wrapped IOTA seems out of service and I wonder if the recent chaos is the reason why... I know it's a dumb question but I only find very confused info on the top...

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Next day after Coordiside!

We are all looking forward to Coordiside! But what happens after the successful implementation of Coordyside on the main network? Let's imagine that the IF has already released a test network, all tests were successful, the IOTA 2.0 release candi...